My folding poles won't stay tight

Lauren DeLong

Last Update 8 maanden geleden

• Gently pull apart the sections of pole

• Find the light blue expander, it has slits in it and should spin freely

• When the expander is engaged and its slits are entwined with the raised channels on the black piece above, a turning motion will make the blue expander “petals” open up like a flower, this is what keeps the poles in place

• It sounds like the expander might not be engaging with the black piece, so spin it making sure it is free and ready to engage with the black piece aboe

• Also, ensure that the black bungee cord is not “coiled” up like old style phone cords or a garden hose, ensure that the black bungee is “unwound” so it can wind up when twisted to the right, therefore, expanding the petals of the expander

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